Paid Social

Facebook & Instagram, pieced together to achieve significant digital growth at scale.

Paid Search

Google Search, Shopping, Display, and YouTube - used to drive new user acquisition.


Email, SMS, CRO, Influencer management, designed for LTV increase and revenue growth.


Video, Photo, Design, and everything else creative, built for direct response.

our approach

Paid media + lifecycle x Creative = Scale

We pair the right creative & messaging with winning audiences to achieve overall scale and revenue growth.

West Wind
A creative agency
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Why west wind?

We boast a dynamic mix of new and seasoned professionals who have experience working at Google, Facebook and many top-tier agencies in the space.

Facebook Marketing Partners
Google Partners
Managing over $10M in monthly spend
More than $140M combined lifetime managed spend
20+ Years Combined Agency Experience

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vp, paid strategy


VP, client success


vp, Operations
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